What Is a Static Proxy?

Flipnode on Apr 26 2023


It's likely that you're already aware of residential proxies, which provide a means of hiding your IP address by masking it with another legitimate residential IP. While residential proxies are dependable and free of blocks, they may not be as swift as datacenter proxies. What if there was a solution that combined both legitimacy and speed?

Enter static proxies, also known as static residential proxies. These proxies are associated with a fixed home IP address that doesn't change. With regard to legitimacy and speed, static proxies offer the advantages of both residential and datacenter proxies. In this article, we'll discuss what they are, how they function, and how they can benefit your particular business scenario. Let's dive in.

What are static proxies?

Static proxies are datacenter IP addresses that are obtained through a contractual agreement with an internet service provider (ISP). As the name suggests, these proxies allow you to function as a residential user with the same IP address for as long as needed.

In essence, static proxies offer the best of both worlds - the high level of anonymity provided by residential proxies and the speed of datacenter proxies. Moreover, these proxies allow you to avoid IP address rotation, simplifying their use.

Unlike regular datacenter proxies, static proxy services do not utilize virtual machines. These proxies, also referred to as sticky IP addresses, closely resemble legitimate consumers on most websites. As a result, static proxies are significantly less likely to be identified as potential bots since most websites only see an average consumer browsing their services.

Static proxy benefits

Let's review the main advantages that a static IP proxy provides:

  • Fast – Derived from datacenter proxies, static proxies are equally fast as their counterparts. They are usually hosted on virtual servers, which offer high bandwidth and speedy internet connections.
  • High Anonymity – Static IP proxies assigned by an ISP provide high levels of anonymity and legitimacy.
  • Reliability – Oxylabs' static IP proxies are highly dependable since they are assigned by an ISP and originate from a reliable and tested source.
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee – Static proxies possess the power of both datacenter proxies and residential proxies, resulting in guaranteed uptime of 99%.
  • Unrestricted Number of Targets – Static IP proxies have no limitations or restrictions when utilized for web scraping.

It's important to note that the benefits mentioned above may not be available in free static proxy lists due to various feature limitations. Generally speaking, premium features are unlikely to be offered for free.

As the name suggests, a static IP proxy retains the same address across multiple sessions. Keep in mind that maintaining the same IP address can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on your objectives. Whether or not to utilize a static IP proxy service is contingent on your goals.

What are static IP proxies used for?

Static proxies, also known as static residential proxies or static IP proxies, are utilized when IP rotation is not a feasible option. A static proxy service is necessary when changing addresses could result in blocks or bans.

Rotating IPs may lead to issues or bans on certain sites, particularly when making purchases on e-commerce platforms, creating social media accounts, or managing business operations on classified sites. Static IP proxy service is ideal for interacting with websites that require login credentials. With a static IP, you can maintain a continuous session and avoid disruptions such as having to re-enter your user information. Static proxies enable you to continue using target sites while remaining anonymous.

Static proxies offer an innovative solution for businesses seeking to safeguard their brand. Entities that aim to illegitimately benefit from misusing a brand's image often attempt to prevent those companies from accessing their content. Static proxies enable businesses to scrape the internet for potential copyright infringements or other illicit activities related to their brand while maintaining high speeds and appearing as authentic consumers.

How to pick the right proxy provider?

Selecting the appropriate proxy provider for your needs can be overwhelming, given the multitude of factors to consider, including performance, speed, price, customer support, and more. Fortunately, numerous review sites for proxy providers are available, and some offer comprehensive, high-quality evaluations. One such site we recommend is Proxyway, particularly their 2021 Proxy Service Awards.


If you require a proxy server with a static IP that offers the high anonymity of residential proxies and the speed of datacenter proxies, then static IP proxies are the ideal solution. In any project that necessitates the preservation of the same address and online anonymity, a static IP proxy will be a vital component.

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