Residential proxies use cases
Learn how companies use Flipnode
Price Monitoring
Scrape prices every day, aggregate and compare from multiple shops, sources or feeds.
Sales Intelligence
Monitor your competitors, run mystery shopping and check for price variations in different geo locations.
Web Scraping
Benefit from the power of residential rotating proxies and scrape any type of data without captchas, blocks or misleading content. 
Buying Sneakers
Get the latest sneakers drops or monitor for new releases without worrying about failed requests or captchas.
Ad Spying
Use our global distributed residential proxies to verify ads compliance and affiliate links.
Social Media
Manage and monitor multiple social media accounts on all platforms without banned or suspended accounts.
Web Testing
Test and configure your websites and apps for optimal performance and functionality.
Travel Aggregation
Aggregate and monitor prices for the travel industry from multiple geo locations mimicking real users looking to book flights, cars or hotels. 
Brand Protection
Protect your brand's digital assets from threats and check for copyright issues and improper management.
Forget about blocks, IP bans and captchas.